Thursday, February 22, 2018

8 Months in Sissy Chastity

Month 8 in sissy chastity was reached last night, and it continues to be a mind fuck of epic proportions. One can't go about their day ignoring being locked yet it has come to feel somewhat natural. Natural in a sense of no direct sissyclit stimulation, natural in an increasing daily craving for Shecock, and natural to feel this evolution that has occurred within me.

Sissy chastity is no longer a denail of something, but a goal towards something. Each milepost is met with happiness and joy from the Dommes in my sissylife. My sissy goft to them is a very small repayment to all the gifts they have bestowed upon me, and I'm duty bound to do this for them.

I no longer concern myself with the day that it will be decided that I have earned a tiny bit of freedom for my sissyclit. I do wonder now that with 160 days until a year would that be a goal I would want to miss out on and to be honest I feel within me the answer is no. That would be a source of pride for me. Maybe it will be a year, maybe longer, it's no longer up to me. Like most things in my sissy journey, it likely will happen when it's the right time and the natural order of things makes it so.

Onward and lockward to month 9!

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